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10 Things Normal to a NYC Kid

I grew up in the California suburbs where life was wonderfully orderly and serene. My childhood included a large, grassy, back and front yard with trees under which we would sit and play for hours. My mom was in a neighborhood carpool to drive us to school and the only interaction that we had with our neighbors was the occasional friendly wave … [Read More...]

Dolly is Possessed

Our place has been taken over by Miss Kris's extensive baby doll collection. Now, by taken over, I don't just mean that the dolls take up a lot of space in our teeny tiny Manhattan apartment. No, I mean, that these seemingly angelic, inert, glassy eyed doll beasts have arisen, come to life and are pulling all sorts of shit up in here. So, before … [Read More...]

It’s 3 a.m….What Do You Hear Outside of Your Window?

When you live in New York City, you know not to expect to enjoy the bliss that is quiet very often. In fact, silence is almost a rarity, whether it is at 3 in the afternoon or 3 a.m. In my New York City building, there are a mix of families along with groups of partying college kids that live here. And in the very early morning hours of the … [Read More...]